First post…Kafka Game Night

May 13, 2010

Welcome, Damen und Herren. You may not have known this, but Franz Kafka was a huge fan of computer games. He designed at least two in his lifetime. They’re both heavy on narrative and hopelessness and short on gameplay, but still definitely worth checking out.

Kafkamêsto: This is a first-person point-and-click game based on Kafka’s life and writing. You’ll find references to all of his major works if you explore enough. There’s surprising depth to this game, though it can be a bit disorienting at the beginning. Grab the briefcase from behind the chair to get started. There are several different possible endings in this game, most of them depressing.

Before the Law: This short black and white game requires the dexterous use of the right arrow key (and possibly the down arrow key if you want to shake things up a little). Like the story it’s based on, it will be over quickly and you’ll be left puzzled and uncomfortable. There are two possible endings for this game, both of them depressing.


Kafka as a boy, with his favorite sheep

Kafka in harder times


2 Responses to “First post…Kafka Game Night”

  1. nickfoxx said

    “before the law” rocks

    • Robert said

      It was an interesting take on the story, which of course only has one possible ending instead of two.
      I spent a long time playing Kafkamesto when I first found it. I drew a map of the city and figured out all the endings. Some people put a lot of work into that game.

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