Let us not waste our youth, friends

June 6, 2010

The New Yorker has released their list of the top 20 fiction writers under 40.

Who made the cut? Read on…

Here are the best young writers of our generation, according to the New Yorker. There was a sub-contest within the chosen group to see who had the most hilarious last name.

The top 20

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, 32

Chris Adrian, 39

Daniel Alarcón, 33

David Bezmozgis, 37

Sarah Shun-lien Bynum, 38

Joshua Ferris, 35

Jonathan Safran Foer, 33

Nell Freudenberger, 35

Rivka Galchen, 34

Nicole Krauss, 35

Dinaw Mengestu, 31

Philipp Meyer, 36

C E Morgan, 33

Téa Obreht, 24

Yiyun Li, 37

ZZ Packer, 37

Karen Russell, 28

Salvatore Scibona, 35

Gary Shteyngart, 37

Wells Tower, 37


The three finalists for most hilarious last name were David Bezmozgis, Nell Freudenberger, and Gary Shteyngart. In the closest race in the history of the contest, Gary Shteyngart was declared the winner.

Also: very, very happy for Chris Adrian. He’s the only person on this list I’ve met, but I’d wager anything he’s the nicest human being among them.


One Response to “Let us not waste our youth, friends”

  1. Dubby said

    Chris Adrian killed my family.

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