The Cage Beneath the Stairs – Update

September 9, 2010

The police have shown an interest in the cage.

As I was walking home from work yesterday, I saw a police car parked next to the cage. Two police officers were standing by the car and talking. They were looking at the cage, and one of them gestured to it and then to the door at the top of the red staircase. I crouched in the shadow of a building twenty yards away and pretended to tie my shoe. Neither of them looked in my direction. After a couple minutes, the officers climbed the stairs and entered the building. The door at the top was unlocked. I moved forward to take this picture, and then I approached the cage. It was just as it had been when I walked past it in the morning: fresh wood chips and water, the squash resting on top, its skin beginning to wrinkle. I returned to the shadow of the building and resumed my crouched position. If the officers saw me when they exited the building, I would finish tying my shoe and continue walking.

After less than five minutes, the officers emerged from the door and descended the staircase. One of them laughing, the other shaking his head with a serious expression. They did not see me. Before returning to their car, both men glanced at the cage. They drove away, and I walked home.

Later that night, I jolted awake from a dream I couldn’t remember. As I tried to fall back asleep, I could think only of the unlocked door at the top of the stairs.


2 Responses to “The Cage Beneath the Stairs – Update”

  1. nickfoxx said

    seems like you should poke your head in there and see what’s up

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