October 3, 2010

“My Ailment is a parasite, Gusano coco cervello. This Worm is endemic throughout both Melanesia & Polynesia, but has been known to science only these last ten years. It breeds in the stinking canals of Batavia, doubtless the port of my own infection. Ingested, it voyages through the host’s blood vessels to the brain’s cerebellum anterior. (Hence my migraines and dizziness.) Ensconced in the brain, it enters a gestation phase. ‘You are a realist, Adam,’ Henry told me, ‘so your pills shall be unsugared. Once the Parasite’s larvae hatch, the victim’s brain becomes a maggoty cauliflower. Putrescent gasses cause the victim’s eardrums & eyeballs to protrude until they pop, releasing a cloud of Gusano coco cervello spores. ‘

Thus reads my death sentence…”

– From The Pacific Journal of Adam Ewing from Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell.


One Response to “Neurocysticercosis”

  1. Peter said

    Robert, I’ll take the sugared pills please!

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