“Gwendolyn” at SmokeLong

July 27, 2011

I have a new story up at SmokeLong Weekly. It will later be published in SmokeLong Quarterly along with an interview.

Here are the first two sentences:

“Carmella said you rode a mechanical spider to our doorstep and waited seething in the rain with a rose stem crushed between your teeth. A late rain for the season, but it always rains on my birthday.”

Click here to read it.

The lovely art for the story (below) is by Ashley Inguanta.


2 Responses to ““Gwendolyn” at SmokeLong”

  1. Jarrett said

    Hey Robert, nothing to do with Gwendolyn, but that’s a hell of a story you got up at Hobart now. Think of us at BULL again sometime!


    • Robert said

      Hey, thanks, Jarrett! I’ve been thinking about BULL a lot lately, actually. I’ve been rereading my contributor’s copy and realizing how much all the stories appeal to me. That’s something that doesn’t happen often. If I have another piece that I think would fit well, I’ll definitely send it your way!

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